Plan Better Brunches with Friends Using The Scuttle App

Plan menus, pick dates, and peruse conversation starters with the best personal to-do list app | The Scuttle

You already know The Scuttle is the best family and friend organizer app available today. But did you also know that it can double as one heck of an event planning app? Uniquely designed for both organization and collaboration, The Scuttle can handle anything from large elaborate banquets to small, intimate gatherings of family or friends.
If you’re in need of some event planning inspiration, check out how you can use a personalized daily to-do list app to help better plan your weekly brunches!

Picking a Menu

Planning a successful brunch is no easy feat. There are many things to consider and a multitude of small details to keep track of. The most important element by far is the menu. 

A great menu can turn a regular brunch into a raging success that’s talked about for weeks to come. Likewise, a bad menu is just as powerful, leaving its mark on your guests and a bad memory that hovers like a dark cloud over future brunches. If you want to keep your menu fresh and unexpected, then you need to always be looking for new recipes and ideas. 
One of the many features that make The Scuttle the best event planning app for friends is its shareability. Create a Scuttleboard on your to-do list app to keep track of all your menu ideas in one place and then share it with your friends to make planning future brunch menus a breeze!

What To Put On Your Scuttleboard


Picking a Date

Now that you have the menu sorted out, it’s time to pick a date. The bigger your brunch group is, the more difficult it will be to find a day that works for everyone. Lucky for you, The Scuttle is a shared calendar and task list app. This means you can easily share calendar events among your friends and use the chat feature to discuss everyone’s availability. 

Once you settle on a date, be sure to use the task list on your Scuttleboard to divvy up responsibilities and make assignments. 

What types of events can I share? 

Why should I share events? 

Picking a Conversation Topic

Whether gathering as a small group of close-knit friends or hosting a larger brunch party, conversation topics are a must. Not only will it help fill any awkward lulls in conversation, but it can also be a fun way to mix things up and spark interesting discussion. 

One of the features that make The Scuttle the best personal to-do list app is the ability to create checklists that can then be shared with others. Using the checklist feature and other sections on your Scuttleboard, you can collaborate with friends to create a list of thought-provoking questions and topics that are sure to keep the conversation alive and entertaining!

What types of things can help inspire conversation?

Why should I have a list of conversation starters to fall back on?

If you’re ready to take your event planning to the next level, then download The Scuttle to-do list app and start creating and sharing Scuttleboards today!