3 Hacks for Shared Summer Trip Planning

Make summer trip planning a breeze this year with The Scuttle’s collaboration capabilities | The Scuttle

It’s finally summertime and you know what that means? Vacation trips, fun events, and adventures are ahead! 

Vacations are often the highlight of summer break, taking the number one spot on the list of fun things you did during the summer. Unfortunately, they can also be one of the greatest sources of stress without a shared trip planning app. The hardest thing about planning a trip as a family or a group of friends is making decisions that everyone can agree on. With so many different opinions and ideas, it doesn’t take much for things to quickly dissolve into chaos. 

Lucky for you, The Scuttle is here to help! You can make trip planning this summer a breeze by using The Scuttle as a travel collaboration app. Check out these three hacks for how to plan the perfect vacation with The Scuttle!

Hack #1: Write Everything Down

Rule number one when planning a group vacation is don’t try to do everything by yourself. There are way too many details to keep track of. It wouldn’t be fair to have one person be responsible for everything while the rest of the group gets to relax and be carefree. 

Not only will writing everything down help you stay on top of everything, but it will also make it easier to then share that information with the rest of the group so they can help.

What should I write everything down? 

Why should I write everything down? 

Hack #2: Keep All Important Details in One Central Place

The Scuttle is an amazing shared trip planning app because you can keep all types of details in one central place. Use The Scuttle to keep track of itineraries and travel details on a Scuttleboard that can easily be accessed by the rest of the group. 

Got a whole stack of important papers and printed out directions that you need to bring along? Don’t stress yourself out trying to keep track of them all. Just take some pictures and upload the images to your Scuttleboard. Have a flurry of email confirmations for the many excursions you’re planning to do? Great! Snap a screenshot and put it on your Scuttleboard and then don’t worry about it until you need it. 

How Can I Consolidate Everything in One Place? 


Hack #3: Be Flexible

When it comes to vacations, the secret to having fun is to be flexible and spontaneous. Some of the most memorable experiences happen because things go wrong and we make a spontaneous decision to do something else! Don’t be afraid to go off plan when you need to. 

Something that makes The Scuttle such a great collaborative trip planning app is, unlike paper and pencil, you can easily make changes to your itinerary in a way that notifies everyone immediately. Changes to the shared trip Scuttleboard will be seen by everyone and then they can use the chat feature to pitch alternate ideas to the whole group. With The Scuttle, you can be spontaneous and have fun when things go wrong instead of letting it ruin your trip. 

How Can I Be Flexible?

Why should I try to be flexible? 

Ready to start planning your next vacation together? Get a head start and download The Scuttle app for shared trip today!