The Scuttle Tips: Creating Vision Boards

Increase motivation and boost your creativity by creating vision boards with The Scuttle app | The Scuttle

Did you know the human brain can continue to work on tasks and process information even when we aren’t actively thinking about it? This process of subconscious thinking is something our brains do every single day, often while we are also consciously thinking about something else. Sounds like we all could use an organization app! 

For example, while you’re thinking about how The Scuttle is the best personal to-do list app around, the rest of your brain is thinking about the temperature outside, what noises your neighbors are making next door, how long until you need to eat again, what visual images need to be stored for quick recall later, and also learning how to navigate through The Scuttle app so you can do it even faster next time. That’s a lot to think about!

So, how do we take advantage of all that subconscious brain power? Two words: vision boards.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a tool used to help focus your energy and your mind. It can be made out of any type of board. You could build a physical board out of cardboard, cork, or even just use a wall in your home. Alternatively, you could use a spreadsheet, an app or other software to build a digital vision board that’s more easily transportable and accessible. 

The key is that your board contains a collage of words, images, and lists that represent your future goals, dreams, hopes, and desires. By reviewing a vision board every day, you can actually train your brain to subconsciously be more motivated to pursue your goals and also be more creative in looking for ways to achieve them. 
With The Scuttle app, you can easily convert your personal to-do list app into a collection of vision boards that will help you visualize your future and take steps to make your dreams come true.

Making your Scuttleboard into a Vision board

The first step to creating a vision board, especially in an organization app, is deciding what goal or dream you want to focus on. You can put multiple goals onto one board if you’d like, but the best way to avoid chaos and clutter is to have a separate Scuttleboard for each goal.

Next, you’ll need to decide what to put onto each of your visionary Scuttleboards. There are three types of things you can add: 

Make Time To Review Your Vision Board Every Day

By taking a few minutes every day to look at your vision board and think about your future, you can inspire your brain to become more creative and increase your motivation to work towards those goals. 

The best part of using The Scuttle to create your vision boards is you’ll not only have quick access to review your vision board anytime and anywhere you may be, but you’ll also be able to share them with friends and family who can help and support you as you work to make changes. 
Forget the other personal life plan and goals organization workflow apps and instead download The Scuttle and get a great personal to-do list app as well as a way to create stunning vision boards that will inspire you to work towards a better future.