3 Ways The Scuttle App Simplifies Office Collaboration

Keep everything in one place and give the whole team access with this revolutionary collaboration app | The Scuttle

Shareable task lists, project-specific group messaging, and an impeccably organized layout are just a few reasons why The Scuttle is the best collaboration app, not only for your personal life but your professional life too. 

Within the workplace, clear communication between team members is essential if you want to successfully meet project deadlines and client expectations. You need a way to easily communicate with your team and also organize all of the tasks, meetings, and minute details of every project. 

Here are three ways The Scuttle can help simplify your office collaboration and help you stay on top of everything.

1. Consolidate Everything Into One Place

There are some really great resources out there for professionals in the workplace. The problem is, they usually are specializing in just one aspect of the project. Pretty soon you have one system you’re using for your team calendar, another for team communications, and perhaps several others for storing the different types of information for each project like photos, notes, and team assignments. 

Eventually, you reach a point where having so many different apps isn’t helping you at all. With The Scuttle, you can consolidate all of those moving pieces into one place. 
The Scuttle is a photo organization tool, event tracking system, group chat platform, and shared calendar and task list app all rolled into one. Ditch the separate calendar invites, the many shared Google docs, and the endless text chains and emails about your ongoing projects. Instead, simplify your office collaboration by putting it all together into one Scuttleboard, then share it with the team so everyone can have access to your collaboration app and contribute ideas.

2. Give Your Team 24-hour Access to All Project Details

One of the biggest challenges to office collaboration is a lack of access to important details. Nothing is quite as frustrating as staying up late to work on a project and then finding out your team member only sent you the link to the notes from today’s meeting instead of sharing them with you. 

The constant back-and-forth of trying to gain access to the information you need wastes time and, if happening frequently, can result in negative feelings or even animosity between team members. 

Let The Scuttle be your base of operations, a place where all team members can have unlimited access to core project details. You can store notes, to-do lists, and even calendar events on your team’s shared Scuttleboard. Now no one has to wait for someone else on the team to send them something before they can continue with their work. They can even add their own notes and lists as well as discuss important tasks and assignments in the group chat feature. This will help your team have more transparency and increased accountability as you all work together to achieve your goals.

3. Get The Message Out Quickly When Events Change

Have you ever arrived at work and sat down expecting a quiet morning, then opened up your email to see your manager sent you an invite at 7 pm last night for a team meeting that started 15 minutes ago? Not fun. 

Though email is great for many formal communications, it’s often not the fastest way to get a message to your team. Many employees only check their email during work hours and since calendars are often connected to email, they won’t see any event updates until they come in for work on Monday. 

The Scuttle is a great event planning app because you can track upcoming events and make live updates that will be available immediately. It also allows for real-time feedback in a more intuitive way. You can easily post updates to planned events on your Scuttleboard and then chat live with your team members to make sure the new time or location works for everyone. 

Giving your team a chance to collaborate on events and meeting times while you are still in the planning stage instead of 15 minutes before the event starts will foster positive feelings all around and create a less stressful work environment. 

Reducing stress, consolidating access, and maintaining fewer things to track are only a few ways The Scuttle collaboration app can help you simplify your office collaboration and manage projects more easily. 

If you’re ready to revolutionize the way your team collaborates in the office, then download The Scuttle collaboration app and get organized today!