Looking to Get Organized? Check Out The Scuttle Collaboration App

Organize and share thoughts, ideas, and pictures with your personal to-do list app | The Scuttle

Being the chief of operations for a family is tough. It’s up to you to remember everyone’s schedules, keep track of all the little details of their lives, and make sure everyone gets to everything on time. If you’re stuck in a constant state of feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to make a change. 

Let us introduce you to The Scuttle, the best family organizer app, event planning app, and collaboration app all rolled into one simple design. Read on to learn more about how The Scuttle can help bring a little more organization to your life!

Use Patterns & Pictures to Create Categories

The first step to becoming more organized is to create a system. Many people use labels and colors to create categories that are easily visible. If you can’t quickly see what is supposed to go where then things likely won’t make it where they’re supposed to go.f

With The Scuttle app, users can create Scuttleboards to help them sort their activities and information into groups. You could create a Scuttleboard for each kid that includes all of their important details or have one Scuttleboard for all of the kids’ stuff, one for planning vacations, and one with your personal to-do list each day. 

Whatever Scuttleboards you choose to create, be sure to use backgrounds to help visually categorize them. You can choose from a wide collection of background patterns and images to visually help you recognize each board more quickly.

Separate Ideas with Sections

Nothing is quite as frustrating as digging through a file of notes, documents, and images that are all mixed together. It makes it nearly impossible to find what you need. The Scuttle is a great family organizer app because it helps you avoid digital clutter. Not only do you have Scuttleboards to categorize your thoughts, but you also have sections to help sort your information by type. 

Within each Scuttleboard, you can choose to include any of the following sections: 

Invite Friends & Family

Keeping every little detail in your head or written down on a bunch of sticky notes may work okay in the short term. But what happens when you have to share that information with someone else? Unfortunately, you can’t just copy all of the information directly from your brain into theirs. The good news is, The Scuttle makes it easy to share all of your notes, to-do lists, calendars and pictures with another person. All you have to do is invite them to your Scuttleboard. 

As a shared calendar and task list app, The Scuttle encourages collaboration. Planning a girls’ night with friends? Ditch the long text chain and invite them to a Scuttleboard where you can all pitch ideas and make plans together. Want to make sure your spouse knows what’s coming up this week? Use your Scuttleboard to easily share and view upcoming events. As if it wasn’t the best family calendar organizer app already, The Scuttle also includes a chat feature to talk about specific Scuttleboards with collaborators and keep all of your conversations about a topic in one place. 

Are you ready to make your life organized? Download The Scuttle app today!