The Scuttle: A Personal To-Do List App Helps Users Take on Housework, Renovations, Landscaping Projects and More!

Organize seasonal projects, housework and more with your personal to-do list app | The Scuttle

Remember that summer when the kids had dance in the morning and soccer practice every other night, you were refinishing your cabinets, your sister volunteered you to be in charge of planning the annual family reunion and you accidentally showed up to your hair salon a week late for your appointment because you wrote the date on the wrong sticky note?

Yeah, let’s not do that again. You need something to help you manage the crazy in your life and stay on top of everything.

Collaboration, personalization, and organization are just a few of the features that make The Scuttle the best to-do list app for personal use. It’s the perfect personal to-do list app to help you tackle all of your summer projects and make sure nothing falls through the cracks or behind schedule.

Here are just a few ways The Scuttle can help you accomplish all the tasks that will inevitably fill your calendar and day-to-day life this summer.

Housework Task App

Housework is often the bane of our existence simply because there is no end to it. It’s the to-do list that just keeps growing and growing all year long. You always feel like you’re behind and playing catch up. This summer, The Scuttle can help you finally get caught up on your housework, and maybe even get ahead. We know it sounds pretty unbelievable. But it’s true!

With the Scuttleboards feature, you can create a cleaning schedule for each room, noting everything you want to clean and what frequency you want to clean it. Though there are a variety of section types to choose from for your Scuttleboard, the “jot it down” and “check it off” sections are perfect for writing down a quick reminder and creating a custom checklist that’s easy to follow.

The best part is, once you have your Scuttleboard exactly how you want it, you can share it with others. Say goodbye to the magnetic chore chart on your fridge. Now, you can easily add your roommates, spouse and even your teenagers to your Housework Scuttleboard, then use the chat feature to communicate with each other about each task.

Okay, but what do I put on this “Housework” Scuttleboard?


Track Renovation plans

Big projects require clear communication about who is doing what and when they have to have it done by. If you’re about to renovate a portion of your house, you’ll want to use The Scuttle to create your project timeline and detailed renovation plans.

With intuitive customizations, you can create a Scuttleboard for each stage of the project or track it all on one. Are you hiring a contractor to do some of the renovation work? Invite them to your board, and track all of your communications and price estimates in one place.

Unlike other personal to-do list apps, The Scuttle lets you upload pictures and screenshots right into your Scuttleboard’s attachments section. Instead of scrolling through all 500 photos on your phone or searching your pins on Pinterest to find the one pin that inspired you at 2 AM last night, add relevant photos right onto your Scuttleboard so you can easily find them later.

Okay, but what do I put on this “Renovations” Scuttleboard?


App for Landscaping

Landscaping projects are a breeze when you use The Scuttle to manage your tasks. There are many important things to consider when planning your landscape design. From visual elements to practical plant types and care, the amount of information you need to keep track of can be overwhelming. Instead of surrounding yourself with sticky notes and scraps of paper, let The Scuttle organize and track it for you. You’ll never again have to worry about being caught without a pen or paper handy.

The Scuttle can even help with long-term care and management. Use your Scuttleboard’s attachments section to upload photos periodically and make notes of how your plants are doing throughout the year. Then, you’ll have everything in one place when you’re ready to start planting again next year.

Okay, but what do I put on this “Landscape” Scuttleboard?


So it’s all just TWO TAPS AWAY! You know exactly where to find it right when you need it. 

The Scuttle is revolutionizing how we manage and accomplish our day-to-day tasks. It’s no wonder our users think we’re the best personal to-do list app for iPhone. Compare to other free personal to-do list apps and see why The Scuttle is the best app for your everyday planning.

If you’re ready to start accomplishing things in your life, then download The Scuttle today!